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Ugandan​ President Used To Eat Human Flesh

Ugandan? President Used To Eat Human Flesh

There are many cruel dictators ruled the world and those who are still remembered for their cruelty. In this connection, we are going to tell you about a brutal President who was known for his cruelty throughout the world. We are talking about The Ugandan dictator Idi Amin who was also called 'Mad Man of Africa'.

He served as President for nearly eight years. The most scary part of his cruelty is that he took the lives of nearly five million people in his reign. At the same time, he used to make every beautiful girl a victim of his lust. Apart from this, he was also fond of eating human flesh.

As a result, human heads were recovered from his freeze. In 1979, Tanzania and anti-Amin Uganda army ended his rule in the country. After that, Amin reached to Saudi Arabia and died in 2003.