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If You are Sailing Single then You are Sure to Relate with These Hilarious Predicaments!

If You are Sailing Single then You are Sure to Relate with These Hilarious Predicaments!

Sometimes when you are sitting in a group of people who are with their soul mates, whispering sweet nothing and cuddling each other, then suddenly you started feeling" Why I am Single, this is for one type of people, others just get pissed off?" Well, if you are the type of single who just gets annoyed of those lovey-dovey talks then you would be happy to know, we are of the same time (HAHA it's really annoying to us too)!

Well not just that, there are a lot of times when these overly loving people blow their own love horns and make singles like us feel pathetic. If not that, then they do a lot of other annoying things too. If you are a single then you must have definitely been through such a situation once in a lifetime and would surely relate to the predicaments that we have enlisted below. Be in hoot with laughter...


When Your Squad Flaunts their Engagement Ring and You are Like...

We all have one single friend who gets irritated with all the talks and always advice everyone to stay single (but inside he/she is dying to be with someone). Single Adulting is too tough, I can completely understand all my single friends (because I am one of them too, LOL).

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Forever Single Types...

Oh! How can I forget clubbing alone is one of the biggest curses for the single-hood, when you are not allowed stag in a party where your favorite DJ is playing (OHHH NOO!).

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This is What Having Outings with Friends in a Relationship Be Like!

Girl's night out are actually not even worth or left girl's night out at all if friends with boyfriends. Either you are likely to be more hungry all the time while entertaining the problems of your couples friends or they are busy with their loved-ones(HUHH!)

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When Your Single Mates Even Find their Bae!

Hahah! The worst time comes when even your lifelong single friends starts dating some (No No guys have patience..Its not an end of the world).

Someone is made for too, who is perhaps waiting for you. Stop feeling lonely and boost up your confidence. Cheer up! (then this are the words that we had to tell ourselves to console, ROFL)