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Bachelors Are Better Examined By This Lad Zakir Khan

Bachelors Are Better Examined By This Lad Zakir Khan

I am writing this by giving my full sympathies to the people who are Bachelor. Seriously! This man Zakir Khan has perfectly defined the fatal condition of the people who are living alone without their families.

 Let me tell you, being bachelors you will be examined by each and every person be it your maid, neighbor, watchman, the security guard (Like really!). You have to be answerable to everybody around you and off course, you need to prove your innocence. Because the world has something different in their mind if talking about a 'bachelor'.

I must say being an independent is a challenging when you are away from your family and managing things on your own but then society wakes up and realizes you that you are the victim of every problem.

With my full arm stretch, I would definitely give hugs to the poor bachelors and say them "Tussi Great Ho"

Where are you going? Don't forget to watch the video.

Bachelors Vs The World - Zakir Khan