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Caviar Lips Are the Cool Innovative Trend in fashion Industry!!!

Caviar Lips Are the Cool ,innovative Trend in fashion Industry!!!

Lips are the most prominent part of our face. As we all have seen that there is no shortage of creative lips art on Instagram, but the latest trend we're marking takes the surprising idea from a fancy frailty: Caviar.

Undoubtedly, nowadays this is really a new trend and style. Believe me, caviar lips to be an evolution of the glitter lips trend we all loved last year. It also features a textured finish, but the look is made using caviar-like 3D embellishments such as tiny beads, pearls, or sequins (not actual caviar, thank goodness).

Nowadays, we spotted that many makeup artists like Vlada Haggerty's page, but other makeup artists have been experimenting with similar 3D trappings on lips since earlier this year. As for how the little caviar pieces stick on, makeup artist Greta Agazzi shared that she's used both MAC Lipglass and NYX Glitter Primer as bases.

This new fashion is not advisable to wear at work for the masses. Will you be able to eat a burger with tiny caviar beads on? May be not. But is this makeup a fascinating work of art? Absolutely. Get more caviar lips motivation ahead.

Believe it or not, this is the new trend in fashion industry!!!