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Dead Pose: People are Mocking 'Death' As a Part of this Internet Challenge!

Dead Pose: People are Mocking 'Death' As a Part of this Internet Challenge!

Social media is a place where people get popular in no time, likewise sometimes even gets badly bashed! But how far a person can go to get this so-called "Popularity"? If you ask us then we would say they have already crossed all the limits after this new internet challenge!

From doing dumb ice bucket challenge, makeup disasters, stupid dead girlfriend pranks to this recent viral 'Dead Pose' shit. One thing is clear that folks these days don't give a shit about anything when it comes to following crazy internet trends! 

This #deadpose challenge is the newest stupidest trend going viral these days and when you would see how far people are going for the same then you may be left disgusted! Well, we don't have any problem if they want to have fun doing stupid things but there is a thin line between stupidity and insensibility, this time we think they have crossed it all!

guy posing dead

This distressing trend took off from South Africa – and it’s extremely disturbing for a lot of people. As the name suggests, the participants require to pose dead for the challenge but their creativity in enacting death has taken it further a step ahead! Most of the pictures coming from the teenagers are disturbing and violent. This includes twisted bodies, rolled up eyes, and sometimes even placed in graphic, bloody scenes, all pretending to be dead! Look at more of this stupid #DeadPose pictures, only to feel more disgusted!

girl dead pose

Isn't it stupid?

Dead pose challenge

This is literally disturbing!

Dead pose internet trend

We think they have lost it!

Karabo Mnisi, the 19-year-old who is suppose to start ridiculous trend said that he would not halt the craze until he had achieved his aim – to become South Africa’s most influential Facebook celebrity – with 40,000 followers, and warned that graphic content would only get worse until then. Well, all we can say for this kid  God bless him! The most shocking thing comes out from this trend is this video, where a young boy is tricked into believing that his mom is dead.