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Some alkaline foods that can avert fatness naturally

Some alkaline foods that can avert fatness naturally

A Health and fit body is the basic necessity to lead a perfect and successful lifestyle. In General, we found that obesity is the root cause of many health problems.  Basically, the human body is alkaline and it is our duty to maintain it by balancing the pH level. All thanks to junk and processed food and the modern lifestyle, we often fail to balance the pH level in the body and it results in distortion of the immune system, which leads to many health disorders like obesity and cancer. If you are among those who are ready to say NO to medication and balance it naturally, then scroll through to know more about these natural food items that work magically in balancing the pH level and thus help prevent obesity naturally.

Olive Oil

It is recommended to use olive oil on a daily basis, as it regulates the blood sugar levels, control weight gain and reduces the risk of heart disease.


It is rich in proteins and contains twice the amount of fiber, as compared to other grains. Regular use of quinoa helps control bad cholesterols.


The water content of melon is very high and that keeps you hydrated. As you feel full, so you end up eating less and this keeps the weight in control.


Regular use of lemon not only prevents constipation but also improves digestion and as a result reduces the chances of weight gain. It also helps fight cancer and controls BP.