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Some Interesting Travel Goal Near Jaisalmer!!!

Some Interesting Travel Goal Near Jaisalmer!!!

Jaisalmer is a well-known tourist destination. It takes you to the history of royals, and the camel safari is one the best activity you can do in Jaisalmer. The beauty of this city, the thrill to live in the heart of the desert, the rare flora and fauna at Desert National Park, the deserted villages and the stories attached to it, the beautiful temple complexes and most importantly, the love and warmth of the people are what brings every traveller back to this place again and again. 

In this article, we are not going to talk about abut Jaisalmer. We will tell you some awesome places near Jaisalmer. Winter months are the best months to be here, but it can be visited anytime between October and March when it is not very hot.


Located 48km southwest of Jaisalmer Khuri is a small Village.  This place offers you number of low-key guesthouses where you can stay in tranquility in a traditional-style hut with clay-and-dung walls and thatched roof, and venture out on interesting camel trips in the relatively remote and empty surrounding area.

Desert National Park Really

Really it’s difficult to imagine wildlife in the heart of a desert, but Desert National Park is a spectacular representative of the desert ecosystem with exceptional beautiful. This thing will laft you amazed. it is one of the largest national parks in the country. The main attraction is the Ian bustard, which is an endangered species. This tall and graceful ground-dwelling bird can be spotted near the Sudashri waterhole. The best time to visit Desert National Park is between the months of November and January.


I think getting a bird’s-eye view of the whole city is a good idea. There is small hill that is popularly known as the Sunset Point. Believe me It’s a visual treat to see the fort turning golden due to the soft rays of the setting sun. Spending a beautiful evening with your love would be a great idea. If you like photography like me than its a golden opportunity toget ample opportunities to click the evening colours of the sky.


A beautiful drive of 40 km from Kuldhara takes you to the Khaba Fort. The village looks very much like Kuldhara except for a fort on a hill overlooking the village. The fort offers a breathtaking view of the vast expanse of the village and surrounding areas.  Right Now the  fort has been revamped and now houses a small museum that has artefacts from the village ruins on display.