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Surprise her with beautiful gifts on Karwa Chauth

Surprise her with beautiful gifts on Karwa Chauth

I think every women deserve a beautiful gifts from his Hubby on the auspicious occasion of Karwa Chauth. After all these ladies showed their love gesture to keep such a difficult fast for their husband long life. Every husband should give some special gift to their wives to make her super happy on this pious festival. The following are the unique Karwa Chauth gift ideas for husbands to give to their beloved wives and pamper them on this special occasion.

Travel voucher: Buy your wife a travel voucher or a holiday package for a favourite destination of hers, valid for 2 or more people, maybe with her close friends, her parents or you. But, let her make the choice of choosing the person with whom she wants to travel.


If your wife loves to read books, why not present her with a Kindle, a dedicated e-reader? In a kindle, books can be read without any interruption and it comes with in-built features like dictionary, highlighting and more. The touch screen feature, along with a glare free screen, makes for a comfortable read.

Photo Collage:

Take some time out to find those old photographs of your wife when she was a child, a college student, a wife, a mother; and then some others that are your favourites – from your courtship period, travels, special occasions, and with kids. Now make a large photo collage.

Air Fryer:

There is no denying the fact that wives are very conscious about their husbands’ health. Many a time, you would have noticed how your wife sincerely works in the kitchen to prepare a delicious less oil diet for you? This Karwa Chauth, why not gift her an air fryer.

Getting a home makeover done:

Why not give her a gift of a complete makeover of your home or may be just one room, say your bedroom?