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5 Indian Markets To Give Glimpses Of Mughal-British Era

5 Indian Markets To Give Glimpses Of Mughal-British Era

India is a country where culture, tradition and many powerful dynasties have been ruled. Their effect is clearly visible in our lifestyle, as well as the remnants left by you can see all over India. A lot of things have not changed since that time and one of them is the ancient market whose format is still centuries old.

Many markets of different ages have survived even today. So let us know about 5 such markets in India which have been running for centuries.

1. Meena Bazaar, Delhi

Delhi's Meena Market is the oldest traditional market in India, which is coming from the reign of the Mughals. You will find everything at this place for wedding shopping. This market is located between Delhi's Jama Masjid Kalan and Dalan. 

2. Georgetown, Chennai

George Town was established only after the construction of Fort St. George in 1600. It is also called Black Town. During King George's visit to India in 1900, it was named George Town. From jewelery, clothing to even vegetables, you will find them in George Town. 

3. Lad Market, Hyderabad

If you know how to make a good deal, then the Lad market is the perfect place for you. Lad market, located on the right side of the famous four tower of Hyderabad, is an ancient market where things like perfumes, sarees, and embroidered jewels are found.

4. Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

Jaipur's jeweler is best. In the market, you will find all kinds of traditional jewelery such as Pokki, Kundan Jewelery and Meenakari Jewelry. Jaipur's most unique style of jewelery is Meenakari.