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A Tree Which Is Planted In Madhya Pradesh Has Been Enjoying A VIP Treatment

A Tree Which Is Planted In Madhya Pradesh Has Been Enjoying A VIP Treatment

To protect the leaders and actors, you have often seen VIP treatments. But do you know that there is such a tree in our country which has a status of a superstar? The police are stationed for 24 hours in the protection of this tree. Not only this, 12 to 15 lakh rupees per year is also spent in the protection of this tree.

Yes, this VIP tree is located on the hill of Salamatpur in Madhya Pradesh between Bhopal and Vidisha city. It is a banyan tree which is treated like a superstar.

Four guards are always engaged in the protection of this tree which stands in the care of this tree for seven days and 24 hours. Water tankers are also specially arranged for this tree.

What makes this tree so especial?

This tree was planted in the year 2012 by former Sri Lanka President Mahindra Rajapakse. This is a Bodhi tree. Bodhi tree has special significance in Buddhism. A person associated with the Mahabodhi Society of India told that "a twig of Bodhi tree was taken from India to Sri Lanka in the third century and that twig was imposed in Sri Anuradhapura of Sri Lanka. It is said that this was the branch of the Bodhi tree, under which Mahatma Buddha had attained liberation.

Whatever be the reason, the tree is having a safe life.

Therefore, considering the importance of this Bodhi tree, the government has made its arrangements for its protection. So that these ancient trees could be completely safe. Hundreds of people visit this tree every year. However, there are objections to spending huge some of money on this tree by environmentalists.