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Here is a Couple Who Found Solace In A Sewer For 22 Years. Let's Find Out Further!

Here is a Couple Who Found Solace In A Sewer For 22 Years. Let's Find Out Further!

We are basically surrounded by two types of people, those who are satisfied and happily living their lives and others who are running behind materialistic things and still aren't satisfied even after fulfilling their luxurious needs! Here we have a couple (named Maria Garcia and her husband Miguel Restrepo) who has spent 22 years inside a sewer! Can you even imagine a human living inside a sewer for a single day? They have spent 22 long years inside the small gloomy and insalubrious place.

Maria and Miguel both were addicted to drugs and on the verge of death when they met in Medellin, Colombia. The two fell for each other and their love helped them come out of their addiction. However, as the couple couldn't find a place to live, they build their next inside a sewer! 

As we say 'Home is where the heart is' and in their case, their heart is in each other's presence... 


They decided to quit drugs for the sake of their love. There was no one for them to call family and friend. Since they do not have money, they turned sewer as their home!

home inside sewer

They do not have any plans to leave the sewer!

The word sewer makes a picture of a unhygienic and insalubrious place inside our mind however it is a dream home for them which turns it the most comfortable and cozy place in the world! 

couple inside sewer

Like everyone else, they also decorate their house during festivals and occasions. The couple also own a dog named Blackie who take care of their home in their absence!