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In Cuba, Wine Is Being Made By Condoms

In Cuba, Wine Is Being Made By Condoms

An alcoholic beverage made from grapes is called WINE. It is consumed by millions of people around the world. But, If we say that, in Cuba wine is being made with the help of condoms, then you probably do not like to drink this wine at all. But the people here are drinking this special wine with great passion. Orestes Estevej and his family have been making this special wine together since 2000.


In fact, these people use things such as grapes, guava, papaya, beets, Estevej to make wine. All these fruits are filled with a 5 gallon (20 liters) capacity in a jar and a condom is placed on its mouth. As soon as fermentation begins in the jar The condom becomes straightforward and after the end of the fermentation the condom also goes back as before. This shows that the wine has been prepared.

It takes 45 days to prepare this wine. Of course this is a unique and special way of making wine. This bottle of wine costs 10 cuban pesos (40 cents).