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Let's Discover Some Hidden Facts and Stories About Alcohol !!!

 Let's Discover Some Hidden Facts and Stories About Alcohol !!!

Maybe you are not an alcohol lover, today we are going to share some many interesting and crazy facts related to alcohol that you need to know.  These facts will break all your past and conventional myth about alcohol. From health perspective to social context, there is so much to explore and learn that one can’t even imagine.

So, are you ready to know more about the magical world of alcohol? Scroll down to read more...

Calories And Alcohol

According to a study, if you prefer low-calorie mixer in cocktails, then it might increase the alcohol reading in your body up to 25%.

Precious soil

 You will be surprised to know that In France, the vineyard soil is so valuable, that it is mandatory for workers and employees to scrape the soil off their shoes before leaving the place so that no soil is wasted. 

Alcohol and mouthwash

Many people use Listerine indeed of brushing , Then they should need to know that mouthwash contains almost double the amount of alcohol that is present in wine.

Alcohol As Soft Drink

Surprisingly Until 2013, beer was not considered as an alcoholic beverage in Russia and it was consumed as a soft drink only