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Let’s Plan: Abroad Trip According your Budget !!!

Let’s Plan: Abroad Trip According your Budget!!!

There is no doubt that Travelling is an expensive hobby, According to travel lovers traveling makes you richer in terms of experience, knowledge at the same time you can explore different culture which gives you a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day.

But we cannot deny this fact that we have to make our holiday plans according to our budget. In this article, we will tell you numerous destinations that go easy on the pocket and give you a sense of fulfillment at the same time. In this article, we will talk about some exotic but inexpensive destinations where you can explore the different culture.

These destinations best fit the profile of a backpacker, but even if you do not like to be a bum, we assure you that an extraordinary experience awaits you at a reasonable price.


Bhutan is sort of a utopian paradise that measures its growth with Gross National Happiness, and here you can get a budget hotel of your choice and enjoy all the happiness in the world. One of the highlights of the nation is its cuisine that depends mostly on meat and is amazing to say the least. The three most important cities of interest here are Thimpu, paro and Phuntsholing. You can enter Bhutan from Kolkata or Siliguri or take a direct flight


Home to the spectacular Mount Everest, Nepal is all about dramatic vistas and unique experiences. The best part about it is that all of these come at a reasonable price, and will not be heavy on your pocket. Nepal is a place where you can always look forward to the next adventure, there is always someplace to trek, and always some peak to conquer.. Here in Nepal’s busy capital city Kathmandu, everything comes at a reasonable price, and the humble Nepali cuisine consisting of dal, bhaat, meat and veggies would comfort your soul.

Sri Lanka

If love mythology and want to understand Ramayana in a more comprehensive way , then i think Srilanka is a must be your travel bucket list. The nation south of India is a tropical paradise, and yes it is one of those rare destinations where you can travel without getting your pocket ransack. The nation has been blessed by nature’s bounty, while at the same time is a great place to realise and recognise a totally new culture. The nation is a revelation that needs to be visited more often, and discovered by travellers around the world. Packed with UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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