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No One Can Make Your Information Public After Right To Privacy Act

No One Can Make Your Information Public After Right To Privacy Act

The Supreme Court in its historic decision has passed the Right to Privacy Act, after which no one can now make your personal information public. This means that information about your PAN card, Aadhar card, and the credit card can not be known in the public domain.

This time the court has clearly said that the right to privacy of citizens will be fixed. If someone violates this act, then the case can be filed against him.

Right to Privacy Act -

Aadhaar card will not be spied:

Since the decision, no one can leak your personal information nor do they spy on you. Now, if you give personal information for making PAN card or credit card or opening an account, then no third person can leak in public.

Search warrant will not work either:

Even government agencies and third party search warrants will not able to enter in your house.

Will have to give information:

If you are going to open your account or make a credit card etc., you will have to give information requested by the government or agencies. You can not deny it. But those people can not share your information with anyone.

However, the government had given this argument:

Government had argued that linking the Aadhaar card with PAN card will prevent the fake PAN card and people have the rights to Right to Privacy but it is not entirely correct.