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These No-Go-Zones are So Dangerous that Even The Police is Afraid to Enter Them!

These No-Go-Zones are So Dangerous that Even The Police is Afraid to Enter Them!

We think that modern cities are safe. People can live there and hang around with no fear. But this is not the truth.There are cities in the western world which are considered to be most unsafe and scary places, so much that in fact, even police is also afraid to enter these zones. These areas are called as "No Go Zone". The authorities have also lost control due to a higher number of immigrants.

London, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin are among the major European cities that feature on a bombshell list of 900 lawless zones with large immigrants population...

Brazill slum areas


Brazil slum areas are included in no-go zones. This area is most famous for its high crime rates. There is no existence of law because the residents attack on the sheriffs of the area.

Curfew image


It is the middle east area with a number of Muslims. Children are forced to eat beef and girls are asked to wear the burqa. This area is most violated.

No polive image


This city is located in German. There is no police control and soon there will be the end of public order. The president of German Police Union says that police fears to cross in some areas as they know 30-40 people will encircle them and call attack.

Atttacking police


This area in German is also declared as No Go zone. Prior, few days Police arrested two people. The Police has not reached so far and 100 people surrounded them and after calling police force, the situation was under control.