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Have You Ever Noticed Our Sixth Sense?

Have You Ever Noticed Our Sixth Sense?

The Human Body Has More Scerats To Know:

We are living in 21st century. Now, anything happens proud us we always try to find some logical reason. We all know that the medical science is very advanced nowadays. But still, our human body gives some new thing. 

According to old age, the concept is that the human body has five basic senses – sight, smell, sound, touch, and taste. Science now tells us that our senses are not limited to these five senses at all.

Do you know there is much more than the human body can detect, and some of these borders on science fiction? Have a dekko here:

Pregnant women can sense snakes easily

According to a study, pregnant women can detect the hidden snake easily and quickly than the women who were not pregnant. May be pregnant women are more aware because of their delicate situation than the women who are not excepting.

By smelling you can guess  a person’s Personality And Emotions

Some time when we meet with new people we start judging them through their behaviour and personality. We start making psychological notes about him/her in seconds? You are not doing wrong thing .It is  our evolution dear which  has given us this ability where we can sense emotions and intentions by just smell.

Some People Have third Eye So That They Can See Colors That Are Beyond Normal Vision

Belive it or not we have  is a small group of people in this world that can see colors we cannot even imagine. May be we can call them superhuman, but we mortals have this ability too. Like raibow contains all the colors. Some people  can see pink color as well but you know pink is basically a imaginary color.

 You Can See Your Hands In The Dark

I have also experiences this situation. Like If you go into a dark room blindfolded and wave your hands in front of you, you can actually see your hand even when you are blindfolded.