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Know About Kim Jong Un's Luxurious Life

Know About Kim Jong Un's Luxurious Life

In between the tense circumstances of war between North Korea and America, dictator Kim Jong-un is in a lot of discussions. According to the news, at this time there is no sufficient quantity of food is available for the common man of North Korea. However, in this critical situation also, the country's army is being taken care of with luxury. The jawans are also served meat everyday. 

Also, Kim Jong is living with luxury. Reportedly, Kim drinks about 2 billion rupees of alcohol every year which is imported from countries like China, Germany, and France.

Apart from this, top quality pork comes from Denmark for Kim. Along with it, caviar (fish eggs) from Iran, melons from China and Japan famous Kobe beef is being imported for him. On which lakhs of rupees are spent every month. Kim also has a passion for smoking cigarettes. He likes cigarette named Yves Saint Laurent. The price of which is 2600 rupees.

Kim also has a 200 feet long luxury yacht. The value of which is 51 crores. Kim also has a passion for luxury watches. According to a report, his Watch Collection is Rs 51 crores.