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Some luscious Divine Food of Chhath Pooja

 Some luscious Divine Food of Chhath Pooja

Being a banarsi I know the importance of chhath pooja. I think this is the most tough fast so far. Let me tell you that Chhath Puja also known as Dala Chhath is a 4-day long festival and is mainly celebrated in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. During these days the whole city induge in to the ocean of faith and spirituality. All the relatives and family friends try to spend this time together. It is not less than diwali fot them It is also considered as a 'Mahaparv' or great festival, Chhath Puja is as much about rigorous fasting as about food specially cooked during the celebrations. Food plays a very important role in this sacred festival which involves the preparation of 'prasad' made in pious 'ganga jal' on traditional 'chulha' made of mud which gives the prasad a smoky flavour. These dishes might be ordinary in looks but taste divine when cooked during the 4-day festival that ends after offering araghya to Lord Surya.

Bottle Gourd Sabzi

The commencement of Chhath starts with preparation of bottle gourd sabzi in pure ghee. This simple recipe prepared in ganga jal is offered with boiled rice. It symbolises the purification of body for the extensive festival.


This is the most famous dish of the festival that is prepared with wheat flour, ghee, sugar and dry fruits. A tight dough of the above ingredients is prepared which is further shaped into small/medium tikkis and deep fried in pure ghee.

Rasiyaw or Rasia

Made with rice, jaggery, milk and water, this sweet dish is offered to Lord Surya on the second day of the festival. To add flavour, one can garnish it with powdered cardamom and chopped dry fruits. It is eaten with whole wheat poori on the second day or Kharna.

Green Chana Masala

This simple recipe is prepared after soaking green chana overnight. Soaked chana is sauteed in ghee with cumin seeds and green chillies. In some regions they are offered raw with puris after soaking overnight.