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This Self Proclaimed Country Has Only 33 People

This Self Proclaimed Country Has Only 33 People

There are many countries in the world which are known for its qualities. Like India is known for its population. There is an another country which is also known for its population.

In any country, if a leader or a public representative visits a tour, then a full lengthy convoy walks with him. It contains security people and their other people. There is a country in this world where the President revolves around the streets without any security. Even more surprising is the population of that country.

Yes, that country has a population of 33 people. Among them are 4 dogs who live here. This country is situated in Nevada of the United States and it has its own laws, traditions, and taxes.

This self-proclaimed country is named Molossia. In 1977, Kevin Bogle of Molokai and his friend had the idea of making a new country different from the United States. After that, Bogle and his friends together formed the foundation of a country named Molossia.

Since then, Kevin Baugh is the President of this country. He declared himself the dictator of this country. His wife holds the status of the first woman in the country. Most of the citizens living in this country are related to Kevin, although this country has not yet been recognized by any government in the world.

In this small country, there are many facilities besides store, library, cremation ground. Many people visit this unique country tour. Kevin himself shows the tourists the country's buildings and roads.


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