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Women Are Getting Pregnant Without Men In This Village

Women Are Getting Pregnant Without Men In This Village

According to the creation of the universe, both men and women are required to give birth to their offspring. No one has changed this rule till date. The role of men and women is the same in enhancing the lineage. Without a woman or without a man, a child can't be born.

Today we are going to tell you about a place where not a single man has entered from 27 years. Still women are giving birth to the kids.

Let's know about this mystery of pregnancy ...

There are no men in 27 years of Umayja village in Kenya, but even then the women here are getting pregnant. Sounds a bit strange, but this is true. There is restriction on the arrival of men in this village. Only women victims of physical abuse are given shelter in this village. Women who were physically abused in 1990 by the British soldiers were kept in this village. This practice has begun since then. At that time 15 women raped by the British soldiers were sheltered in this village. Today, women who are afflicted with domestic violence, rape, assault, child marriage and other reasons are given place to live in this village of Kenya.

Today the number of women suffering from physical abuse in this village is 250. These women teach children to run their livelihood. Tourists also come around this village.