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The best option for the explorer and fitness freak people is traveling.  It is essential trekking tips we are covering. After seeing a number of folks go incorrect on this one and making the most “not-so-obvious” mistakes, we determined to put these valuable eight together. Trekking is all about wilderness and basic means of existence which means you can not afford to commit any of the common trekking mistakes (and uncommon too!).

So whether you are a beginner or an expert, it never hurts to be cautious, safe and a listener to some good advice. These 5 valuable tips on trekking come from people who spend more than half a year treading paths that we are a little scared to think about. So hear it from the experts. 

Choose your trail wisely:

This one is definitely the first on list of trekking tips for beginners. Let us face it, not all of us are born BOND. So deciding that your first trek has to be 100 miles long and about 12,000 feet high is really a decision you would not be proud of, later. Nothing wrong with aspiring to do something big but you have to give training and physical fitness some time. So if you are a beginner, start with shorter and easy treks. Promote yourself to more difficult terrains gradually as your body gets fitter and more accustomed to harsh surroundings.

Physical Fitness:

Physical fitness is an area you simply cannot take calmly when it comes to trekking. Know your weaknesses and work on them. Build endurance and get those legs moving! Walk for long distances, work on your stride and try to train on a terrain which is similar to the kind you are going to trek on. You will be surprised how easy trek becomes when you practice and train on similar terrain. Remember all backpacking tips will be useless if you just can’t walk the track! As the time for trek nears, train with your backpack and equipment just the way you would walk on the trek. Go out camping just like when you would trek. This is a great way of knowing what works and what does not.

Nothing Beats Research:

Find out about the trekking trail from well established and reputed sources online. Talk to people who have been there and never assume anything without information.

Pack only Essentials:

You are not going for a wedding spectacular, it is a trek. Leave all your non-essentials at home. Pack items that are multipurpose and have some utility in a trek. Just because it is tiny does not mean you should pack it. Carry your prescription medicines, mosquito repellent and general cough, cold and fever medicines. You can certainly do without 3-4 moisturisers, extra footwear, deos and I have not even begun the list of stupid things people get along on a trek. While we are at it, do check out.