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5 Fundoo Startups Which Deserves To Be Mentioned

5 Fundoo Startups Which Deserves To Be Mentioned

People are starting many new types of startups nowadays. Some startups look great in hearing, you will not even think that something like this can happen. Today we are telling you about some of these interesting fundoo startups.

Fundo Startups -

1 - Farhat:

Uttar Pradesh's FarmMart Company works to get the necessary resources for the farmers. In this startup company, such people were added who had the necessary machinery for farming. These machinery were transported to the farmers. The laborers got regular work and the farmers got the machines at cheaper rates.


Together, 3 IIT's students started a startup app that made 5000 apps in 10 regional languages. These three bought 5000 phones at the beginning of the startup and put the operating system in them and sold it in stores. These ideas were hit and their startup was overtaking the whole country today.

3 - Legal desk:

Two friends have teamed up to create a platform where people can work as a court-chamber while sitting at home. In it you can make 100 documents such as gift, deed, rename or corrections, loan etc. There is no hassle of signing an agreement.

4 - Quämeth:

Manan Khurma prepared a model by its startup where the captive women in the house could come forward and teach the children. Manan trained such women and started teaching from nursery to eighth in some schools. Today, 2500 teachers are associated with meditation.