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Be No More A Single! Here are 10 Psychological Ways To Hack Your Crush's Heart...

Be No More A Single! Here are 10 Psychological Ways To Hack Your Crush's Heart...

It's 2017 and you are still single? Christmas and new year eve are also gone and you haven't yet got a partner? Well, it's then the high time that you should try to know what's wrong that you are doing? And understand the exact reason why your friends are getting into relationships and you are still sleeping with your pillow. Well, in this article, we are not gonna tell you how to get a partner in one week or two...i mean seriously?? This is something utterly cliché. So, we just explain you The Psychological Reasons which make people fall in love...

couple with same cloths

1. Opposites Attract Each Other? Not Really!

A study shows that individuals who are somehow similar to each other tend to gets attracted. So Newton's Law of attraction doesn't work here. The reason why it happens is because when you and your crush have similar traits, it helps you to understand each other better hence making you more compatible.

father and daughter

2. If your Looks are Similar to the Parent of your Love, Then BINGO!

According to Psychology, Father is always a daughter's first love. So If you have got similar looks as that of her father then it's gonna be your biggest advantage! If not looks, even you match yourself up with his character traits then also it would work! Well, this will make her fall in love with you just like that!

tall guy with grlfriend

3. Height Matters!

Sorry to all the short boys! We can understand your concern but the fact is that Tall boys are more attractive to girls! They have a weird Psychology that Tallboys are symbol of toughness and Machoism. But don't be disheartened shorties as we didn't say every single girl thinks the same, so you still have hope!

man and women starring into each others eyes

4. Starring Directly into Eyes Helps!

Yess, you heard it right! Starring into your partner's eyes will actually spark some feelings for you. As starring in each other's eyes helps make a kind of connection. And that connection will trap you in the other person's thoughts. But that doesn't mean you should start starring strangers awkwardly. Be aware as that can put you in huge trouble!