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A Lip smacking journey with Swiss cuisine

A Lip smacking journey with Swiss cuisine

In Switzerland where food is known as aliment, cibo, or lebensmittel, in French, Italian, and German respectively. The stunning central European nation of Switzerland (where these three languages are official), borrows heavily from the cuisines of these three regions. But then, again, there are specific Swiss specialities; after all, fondue is nothing less than an authentic Swiss marvel.

You will find enthusiastic chefs and food devotee illusion ways to better the experience of food; you will also discover a world of gourmet cuisine like never before. In all of this, there is place for some sweet delights, as Swiss chocolates are priced possessions across the globe. In almost all of the dishes prepared here, cheese plays a very important role, ferrying you to a world of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and some more unexplained tastes. Let’s discover some lip smacking saccharine of Switzerland.

Cheese fondue

Served in a communal pot, the Swiss love for cheese is well-justified with the help of this stupendous dish. Fondue is derived from the French word fondre, which means, to melt. This invariable dish is found all across the country, and consists of a blend of various cheeses, wine, and finished with some seasoning. Apart from cheese fondues, you will also find chocolate fondue, and wine fondue.


This is pretty much your Swiss variant of mac and cheese, but with apple sauce that is used as a side dish. The dish is typically made from penne or Italian maccheroni. It is cooked with cream, diced potatoes, and of course cheese. In some areas, ham strips and roasted bacon cubes are added, while the potatoes are omitted.


A humble dish that originated in Switzerland, this Alpine peasant dish is definitely something that curious travellers would want to try. Popular sentiment suggests that many people consider this to be their national dish, and it has found a new love across the world. This breakfast dish is made from coarsely grated potato, which could be either cooked or raw, and served with an egg sunny side up.


Yes, we are back to cheese with this one! The dish finds a mention in old medieval texts dating as far back as 1291. In the German speaking part of Switzerland, this is known as Bratchäs, which translates to roasted cheese. In quiet winter evenings, you can smell melted cheese coming from all quarters, as people gather around fire and enjoy the luxuries of life.

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