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Some Pros and Cons Of Sun on your hair

Some Pros and Cons Of Sun on your hair

Hair is the most important aspect of your personality. Good hair is a blessing for everyone. If you have healthy and shiny hair it will increase your confidence. Nowadays hair fall, damage, frizzy and dry hair is the most common problem which I think everyone is facing. In this article, we will get to the effect of the sun on our hair.

Dodging the Sun in shadows or donning a scarf isn’t the answer - understanding the real problem is! The Sun has both good and bad effects on your hair - it is up to you to balance the amount of Sun you & your hair gets.

Pros of Sun

Let’s start with the pro. Vitamin D: It is common knowledge that the Sun is one of the most natural dealers of Vitamin D. Your hair needs this to prevent hair loss, amongst other things. So go on and soak it up one sunrise at a time.

Cons of Sun

Moving on the con. Hydrolipidic Film: Your scalp is naturally coated with a hydrolipidic film that fights against external bacteria. Too much sun can unfortunately damage this film (like it does to your skin). Epithelial cells: These little ladies are the cells working in the hair growth department. They are, however, sensitive to the UV light emitted by the Sun. UV rays deplete levels of Vitamin E and C in these cells, and that just doesn’t go down well with them.

How to fix the problem

Oil strengthens your scalp’s natural security system – scalp as well as hair strands! So oil your hair nicely (Psst…moms are great at this). Jasmine-infused coconut oil especially does the trick – the antioxidants in jasmine oil protect you against the sun, and the fragrance doesn't hurt either! Drink, drink, drink like a fish. Water keeps your hair hydrated (from the inside). So make sure you get plenty of it!

प्रकृति हर पल अपना रंग बदलती है आप खुद ही देख लीजिये

बर्फ से भरे इस स्टेशन से गुजरती हुई ट्रेन स्विट्जरलैंड से कम नहीं है

बर्फ से भरे इस स्टेशन से गुजरती हुई ट्रेन स्विट्जरलैंड से कम नहीं है

इनकी ख़ूबसूरती के करोड़ों हैं दीवाने, लगती है बॉबी डॉल