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The Baby Girl Was 6 kgs At The Time Of Birth

The Baby Girl Was 6 kgs At The Time Of Birth

Babies are born having the weight of 2 kgs and some with 3 kgs. This would be the normal weight of any baby. But, recently some pictures of a child are becoming quite viral. These pictures belong to a Baby Girl whose weight was 13.5 pounds i.e. 6 kg at the time of birth. Yes, this child was born in Florida, where a woman named Chrissy Corbitt gave birth to her.

Let me tell you that the baby was born on May 15 last month. Everyone was surprised to see this girl. Because its weight was twice the weight of a common infant baby. The name of this girl is Carleigh and after a few days of birth, a photo shoot of this girl has been made, whose pictures are being quite viral these days, which we have brought for you today.

Photographer, Debbye Benson Sweet Smiles Photography Studio has shot these pictures.