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Health Alert!!! Women are at a greater risk of heart disease than men

Health Alert!!! Women are at a greater risk of heart disease than men

Health is the most important thing in our life. The sudden death of Bollywood Star Sridevi drags our attention towards a Cardiac arrest. First of all let me tell you that cardiac arrest is when the heart unexpectedly stops beating, restricting blood flow to all the other vital body parts. If proper medical attention is not received, this can result in the death of a person within a few minutes. A sudden cardiac arrest is called so because it’s sudden and one does not have much time to seek help, unlike one may have a heart attack.

Difference between cardiac arrest and heart attack

Many people think cardiac arrest and heart attack are the same but it’s not so. The basic difference between both is that during a heart attack, blood flow stops in a particular part of the heart and thus, damages it. However, in cardiac arrest, it’s an electrical problem where the heart stops working all together leaving the person with no pulse and unconscious. Read more to know the difference

Heart disease more common in women

Chances of sudden cardiac arrest are more in people already suffering from heart disease. But the cases are no less in people who appear absolutely healthy and have no known history of heart disease. Cardiac arrest is more common in women than it may seem. Believe it or not, heart disease affects women way more than it does men. You will be shocked to know, according to a report by a leading website, each year about 4,25,000 women have a stroke, which is 55,000 more as compared to men.

Actress Sridevu

The leading actress Sridevi’s demise, which was initially suspected to be due to cardiac arrest, has brought back the topic of women’s heart health back into the discussion. Globally, 1 in every 4 women dies of heart failure as women are less likely to get timely treatment and diagnosis of the disease.

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