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Trending wedding themes according to Instagrammers

Trending wedding themes according to Instagrammers

As we all knew that winters and wedding season has arrived! Dazzling outfits and extravagant venues, an Indian wedding is really a grand affair from decoration to food. Now a day’s many wedding planner is experimenting with the various theme. As we all knew that Indian weddings are grand and glamorous. So, if you are planning a wedding in few months, here are the trending wedding themes that Instagrammers are talking about.

The dreamy ‘Vedi’

If you are planning a beach wedding but do not want to lose out on the Indian vigor, this elaborate Vedi/ mandap built in ‘Mughal’ layout will add to the romantic décor!

The fun of pop colours

Bid Adieu to the cliché Indian themes and try this new-gen pop colour theme to give a quirky twist to your wedding! It will not only raise the enthusiasm levels of the guests but will also result in a great wedding album!

Flower power

There is nothing better than flowers that can match the beauty of the bond of love. Make yourself feel special and get your vedi adorned with flowers. They look brilliant in any kind of setting and the colours can be matched according to the theme of the wedding.

Vibrant Indian aesthetics

The grandeur of Indian decorative accents is unmatchable! If your venue has a historical setting, choose vibrant deep colours accentuated with flamboyant golden accessories and leave your guests spellbound!