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Want to look perfect: blend make-up with your hair color

Want to look perfect: blend make-up with your hair colour

Look more beautiful and Enhance your look and by doing Makeup according to your hair color, because your hair color plays a very important role in your looks. So you cannot avoid them. The next time you blame it on the dress you are wearing or the colors that you have chosen for yourself, wait! If you have colored hair, it is equally crucial for you to select a make-up base and shade that suits your hair hue. Take a cue from here.

Nude make-up for brown hair

Dark brown hair is said to frame the face, creating a gorgeous canvas for bolder hues. Those with brown hair or brunettes need to consider some basic make-up like a lip gloss or a mascara to balance your complexion against your hair. Make sure that you define your eyebrows as well. Remember the deeper your hair tone, is the more washed out the complexion will appear. Brown hair tones are supposed to lend themselves well to peach, bronze and other warm neutrals for cheeks as well as eyes. Use a golden bronzer to warm up your complexion. Opt for a metallic cream-based eye shadow to make your eyes stand out. As for your lips, you can add colour to your face with a soft coral or apricot hue.

Dark shade of lipstick for burgundy hair

Those with burgundy or a reddish tinge to their hair should ideally select make-up in shades of maroon or brown. You can highlight your eyes with light or sparkling greens. As for your cheeks and lips, something like a dark shade of maroon, mauve or brown will complement your skin. A rosy cream blush will also make your cheeks look natural, while adding a hint of colour.

Earthy shades for light brown hair or natural coloured hair

Women with light brown hair can play with a wide range of colours. These shades include earthy neutrals to bold, juicy shades of berry, coral and pink. However, you also have to pay close attention to the base that you are planning to use. Check your skin tone and the colour of your hair. If they are similar, opt for lipstick shades in pink or coral. You can define your eyes with beige, gray or blue eye shadows. As for your cheeks, apply a tawny or pink blush along your cheekbones and you are ready to make heads turn.

Select the right hair brush according to your hair type

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