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Big Step By Saudi Government In Favour Of Woman

Big Step By Saudi Government In Favour Of Woman

Women Empowerment Has Made It Possible 

Now women in Saudi Arabia will also be able to drive. Here the ruler Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has allowed women in the country to drive. This decision of Saudi Arabia moving towards modernism is appreciated not only in Saudi Arabia but in the world. But in addition to driving a car, there are many things that women can not afford here. We are telling you what is still banned for women in Saudi Arabia?

#Women in Saudi Arabia were forbidden to drive, this is the only country in the world where women could not drive. The Saudi Foreign Ministry announced this new order in the country on Twitter. He wrote that Saudi Arabia has allowed women to drive. In the imperial order of Salman Bin, it has been asked to constitute a high-level ministerial-level committee to implement the order correctly. This committee will offer suggestions within 30 days and by June 2018, this order will be implemented.

#In Saudi Arabia, women cannot walk without the permission of the men (Guardian), cannot run the business or take any kind of medical service. Although some women do business there, they also have to get help from men for small things, like opening a bank account they also need men's permission.

#If any person buys clothing, then he will try it but women in Saudi also do not have this freedom. Women can not try clothes during shopping here.

#In the whole world, where all girls love Barbie dolls, it is not even allowed in Saudi. According to them, these Barbie doll clothes have been described as non-Islamic.

#Recently, Saudi Arabia invited women for the first time at the Sports Stadium to attend their 87th Annual National Day celebrations. Earlier it was also banned.

#Above all, TCS has also opened a call center for women in Saudi Arabia some time ago where they can work.


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