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Indian Women Who Got Place In 100 Influential Women Of The Year

Indian Women Who Got Place In 100 Influential Women Of The Year

The BBC has released a list of 100 influential women of the year. These are all women who have struggled in their respective fields. Some of these are in sports, some are teachers, some are interactive speakers while some are RJs. Apart from honoring women from different sections of the society, various issues related to women will be discussed on this platform and solutions are also discussed.

#In this list of 100 women, 10 women belong to India. Mithali Raj, the captain of Indian women's cricket team, is also on the list.

#Apart from this, IRA Trivedi of Delhi, who is a Yoga teacher, writer, and activist from the profession.

#Aditi Awasthi who is the founder of the startup named Imbibe.

#In this list, you will find names of such women, including India, which you may not have heard before. But their work, their hard work deserves this identity. There is another teacher in this list, who takes the class in Tihar. Tulika Kiran has been teaching children in Tihar Jail since last 8 years.

#Nawazuddin Siddiqui's mother, Mehrunissa Siddiqui has also got the place in this list. Perhaps for the first time, it has happened that recognizing the work of a homemaker is being respected on such a large platform.

#Dr. Urvashi Sahni, a social worker has been given the place in this list.

#The author and illustrator Indian-Canadian Rupa Kaur also joined this list.

#Many people will hear the name of Virali Modi. She is NRI and works for Specially Abled people. 



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