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Meet The Millionaire Chicken

Meet The Millionaire Chicken

Usually, hens are eaten as Chicken and we generally called them Chicken. Many types of dishes are made of chicken. But today we are going to tell about a chicken which you can not even eat but also not dare to touch. 

Yes, this Hen named is GIGU who has so much money that you can not even think.

At the same time, Gigu has a bungalow and her own car. Not only that, she also has his own security guard and chef.

Gigu possesses a wealth of $ 1 million (66 million 95 million). The bungalow, car, servant etc. are inherited by Gigu from her master. Actually, the owner of this chicken is died after that, all his property has been named Gigu and after Gigu, all this property will be named after her child i.e. his chickens.