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WOW! Parents Can Now meet Their Unborn in 3D Virtual Reality...

WOW! Parents Can Now meet Their Unborn in 3D Virtual Reality...

Yes, You heard it right! Some British doctors have invented a technique that actually lets Parents see their unborn child, before birth. And the best part is that It would be in 3D!

We are already in the world of virtual reality and now Doctors are ready to take this amazing technology a level up! So they are ready to come up with 3D virtual reality ultrasound which would let parents meet their unborn child and would help doctors to diagnose abnormalities in unborn babies like never before more accurately and early, like never before.  

Now after this invention, we don't wonder If Scientist can also invent 3D printer which will replace the old school method of delivering the child...hahaha(just kidding)  


watching unborn child through ultrasound.

This is how I met my child...

Well Jokes apart, the technique works by merging ultrasound imagery with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which scans segments of the womb and fetus to build a 3D model which can be brought to life by using a virtual reality headset.

shocking baby picture

Meanwhile in India a couple asking to their unborn child- Ab tera Kya Hoga Kaaliya?

This Technique has only been trialed at one clinic in Rio de Janeiro. But the team is now hoping to roll it out worldwide...

baby picture

We are guessing how Indian parents would react to this technique?

child in the womb

Hope they don't start guessing that whether the child's nose belong to grandfather or not, while looking at 3D picture of child before his/her delivery!