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Say No to CHAI during Periods!!

Say No to CHAI during Periods!!

Periods pains are unbearable. During periods we get a lot of advice from our elders.  And the most common advice is to have a nice cup of tea. Because we believe that drinking tea can soothe those horrible cramps and soreness in your back during periods.  But let me tell in this article we are going to break all the previous myths and give you some reality check that, you Need to Stop Drinking Tea during Periods









Caffeine Is the Culprit

 Forget the cramps, PMSing is another great problem that women deal with while they are menstruating. From wanting to eat everything you see and crying at nothing and everything, emotions just overflow for many during this time. And if you know caffeinated beverages are linked to more intense PMS symptoms. Drinking tea (26.1mg caffeine) increases your blood pressure and heart rate which can lead to anxiety and tension and thus make you feel more uncomfortable. 

Black Tea

Black tea also known as Hong Cha has the highest caffeine content. 1 cup of Hong Cha tea has 40 – 60 mg of caffeine. Hong Cha tea is commonly known as masala chai and Assam black tea.

Oolong Tea

 With 30-40 mg of caffeine per cup, oolong tea is also one of the teas with the highest caffeine. Golden brown in color, this tea is also known as Ali Shan Tea.

Green Tea

Now comes the favorite of the weight watchers, green tea. No less than oolong tea, green tea has 30 – 35 mg of caffeine per cup. Also, known as Matcha in Japan and Longjing in China green is good for losing weight and offers many other health benefits, including it preventing heart disease and cancer. 

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