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Do You Know What Makes Film 'Roar' World's Dangerous Film?

Do You Know What Makes Film 'Roar' World's Dangerous Film?


Hollywood film 'Roar' which was released in 1981 is considered to be the world's most dangerous movie in terms of shooting. The film, which was shot with 150 animals, had a budget of $ 1.7 million (about Rs 16 crore). 70 crew members were injured in shooting the film. Some of which had got serious injuries also.

The film was directed by Noel Marshall. He also wrote the story of the film and was also the actor of the film. Apart from him, in the film Marshall's wife Tippy Hardenan, daughter Melanie Griffith, son James and Jerry also worked as actors. This film was shot with 150 animals like lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars and elephants.

It took 11 years to make the film. During this time, Marshall's entire family lived with the animals.

During the shooting of the film, no harm was caused to any animal. However many crew members got hurt.