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A Gastronomic Journey with Mysore Restaurants

A Gastronomic Journey with Mysore Restaurants

For a culture and history buff peoples Mysore is a top most travel destination. But let me tell you this place is also a food paradise for food lovers. Here you will get sumptuous Coastal food, South Indian platters, Oriental delights, barbeque specials. In Mysore, you are most definitely set for a culinary journey given the variety of restaurants in the city. 


Your search for the perfect South Indian thali can have a perfect end at Cafe Aramane. A huge hit with the locals as well, it sees a steady stream of foodies coming in for idlis, uttapams, upma and perhaps the best dosas of the city. The place is quite famous for its range of specialty dosas as well, the menu changing every day. The menu here has a smattering of Chinese and North Indian flavours as well. Set in a heritage building, it has a typical Mysore vibe to it.


A cafe cum restaurant, Malgudi Cafe is as whimsical as its name. It brings together great food and quaint settings as the in-house restaurant of Green Hotel, an erstwhile palace restored to its former glory. While this cafe is one of the best places in Mysore to dig into cakes, quiches, sandwiches, Himalayan teas and filter coffee, their restaurant has quite some surprises as well. There is a mix of European, Chinese and Indian cuisine on the menu for you to gorge over.


Lovers of outdoor spaces in restaurants are bound to fall for this one. By The Way has, perhaps, the most idyllic ambience of all the restaurants in Mysore. Huge, hut-like dining space in lush gardens complements the food well here. Their menu has an impressive variety of Oriental and Indian cuisine; seafood too is a great lure with some of the most sumptuous prawn rawa fry, masala fried crab, grilled basa, Kundapur chicken ghee roast, meen kaithina, Mongolian chicken and more.

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