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Discover some unexplored Italian villages!!!

Discover some unexplored Italian villages!!!

Once Wordsworth says that “The World is too much with us". Really. Nature is so beautiful, but too much crowd and worldly affair destroying nature tranquillity and peace day by day. But we still have some untouched and beautiful places which still maintains their exquisiteness. Thanks to the massive reach of new media, almost every major tourist destination has attracted enough attention. This is true to Italy also. The major tourist destinations of the country see millions of travellers every year; so it is a task to find a quiet place in Italy to spend some moments of peace and tranquillity. But this does not mean that all the beautiful parts of Italy are crowded with visitors. There are handful villages and towns still in Italy that see relatively less tourist inflow.


Located in Campania region, Procida happens to be the smallest island in the Bay of Naples. This gives Procida the distinction of being a destination without much crowd. The aerial view of this village looks like a painting with a cluster of colourful buildings and a stunning harbour. If you are into photography, this place is going engage you well.


We all know about the traveller favourite villages of Cinque Terre in Italy. It is this global fame that proved troublesome for the quiet hamlets there. The unprecedented tourist flow made the villages very crowded which led to the authorities considering limited tourist access. But there is a hidden gem just a few miles away from here. Behold the fishing village of Tellaro!


There is no doubt that Venice is the world’s most popular travel destination. But there was a time when it was a modest and traditional fishing port with almost no leisure seeking travellers? Well, if you happen to visit Chioggia in Veneto, you will have a fair idea! Yes, it is like a non-glamourous Venice with a way simpler way of living. You can access this village from Venice either by bus or by a ferry ride.


This Sicilian village is a scenic destination to visit before the world knows about it. Noto came crumbling down in 1693 after a massive earthquake but it stood up again and now is graced by the presence of stunning baroque churches and beautiful palaces.