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This Country Lets Its Employees Sleep at Work! You Would be So Jealous!

This Country Lets Its Employees Sleep at Work! You Would be So Jealous!

This is something we can only dream of on those cozy and lazy days at work. Well let's accept, we all have been through such days at work when we are dying to sleep but can't as we aren't not getting paid to sleep! Even in general it's considered as such a heinous act that we might get fired for this.

However, what if I tell you that there is a country where you can actually sleep on the job? Get ready to be amazed, as in Japan you can literally do that! Companies in countries like Japan are encouraging their heavy-eyed employees to sleep on the job and the practice is "sleeping while present"!

According to a survey, Japanese workers gets minimum sleep of just six hours 22 minutes on work nights which is definitely less than any other country! So for betterment in their performance at work, some Japanese Companies have started a new policy in which employees can take a nap in their working hours.

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Now Japanese Employees Need Not to be Ashamed if they are Caught Asleep at the Desk!

Okuta, a home renovation firm near Tokyo, allows its employees to take a 20-minute power nap at their desks or in the staff lounge. This practice of sleeping at work on in public is called inemuri. There is an IT firm name Gmo which facilitates their employees with sofa to have a nice napping session. Whereas some places have public napping houses with beds, for which they take some nominal charge and provide employees a bed for a comfy sleep!  Sounds interesting, isn't it? But we are so Jealous!  We really wish, firms in India and other parts of the world also takes some lesson from Japanese and start running this kind of napping facility in offices! 

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