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You Can't Imagine The Cost Of This Manhattan's Penthouse

You Can't Imagine The Cost Of This Manhattan's Penthouse

The world is on the way to surprise us every single day. With technology and advancement, every day, we see a new discovery, achievement and construction of such dams, building etc. that was not at all easy to build. Recently, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi inaugurated the world's second largest dam Sardar Sarovar Dam in Gujarat. After many years of the construction process, now the dam has completely built.

In this series, we see many types of things in the world that become the topic of discussion on the internet. These days, only the penthouse is being discussed everywhere. Yes, we are talking about a Penthouse house which is built at the height of 800 feet on Manhattan's Woolworth Building.

This Penthouse has been caught in a lot of headlines these days. The price of this penthouse is $ 110 million (Rs 712 crore) which is actually very expensive.

It looks like a castle in view and it is very beautiful and attractive. 

Anyone can be fascinated by seeing the beauty of this Penthouse. Let us tell you that it is still being given the status of the most expensive property in Manhattan.

This Penthouse is spread over the place of 9710 Square Feet and its name is The Pinnacle. The biggest feature of it is that it can also modify according to the need and as per the buyer's requirements.


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