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7 Types of Friends We All Have In Our Life and Can't Live Without!

7 Types of Friends We All Have In Our Life and Can't Live Without!

Did you know that people without friends are likely to die an early death? Well, we have another greater reason to have some more mad friends, isn't it? Jokes apart but that's true! Thus, its always better to keep your circle of good friends closer who stand with you through thick and thin.

There are varieties of friends one have, everyone with a unique quality of irritating you. However, to survive on this earth happily, one needs to have such buddies who belong to some other planet and are insane AF. Friends are the family we choose ourselves and our family gets extended with ever such Bakchod, casanova, and Sanskari friend.

Below are the most common friends we all have who keeps the doctor away...

serena blair

1. A Loyal Best Friend

Sometimes a loyal best friend is the only thing you need to stay sane. Everyone needs a non-judgmental friend who support them no matter what. This is the kind of friend who lets you be a hot mess and knows all of your deepest and darkest secrets, but still loves you all the same.

goa trip wala friend

2. A Fearless Adventurer

We all have one one adventurous friend who every year plans a Goa trip that always gets cancelled!


3. An Irritating One

One friend with that Keeda which always makes nuisance. This irritating friend is never ending with his art of disturbing you. Nevertheless, you also love it sometimes (sometimes you burst with not so decent phrase to abuse).

lazy boy

4. The Socially Awkward One

This Anti-social person who always sits at home and snuggle up in the most comfortable clothes. Who needs to go out when you have Netflix and chill by yourself?