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10 Signs to Know Whether you are a Girly Girl or A Tomboy!!

10 Signs to Know Whether you are a Girly Girl or A Tomboy!!

Well, it's a matter of fact that there are two types of girls - girly girls and girls who are defacto girls! Like those who always have their makeup on point and those who even don't give a damn about the way they look! And even there is a third type which is the hybrid of the other two! Do you know in which category you fall?

If you really hate the thingy of a girly-girl who never forget to "AWW" after almost every sentence. You prefer to make a bro-code instead of making many girly friends. And if you carry heavy handbags filled with babylips, kajal and fragrances off course then, you can surely call yourself a TOMBOY! But wait until you go through all the below-mentioned points, to make sure you are one! And in case, not even a single point resembles your personality then you can comprehend that you are a perfect girly girl, in case some of them do then you are a hybrid...


1. You directly head to the boyish section instead of the fancy shimmery clothes in the mall

bird nest on hair

2. You never bother about your hair even if they are looking not less than a bird-nest.You stand up twist them and move!

bitching girls

3. You generally maintain distance with those preppy girls in your school who spread rumors and hang out with the squad of boys

hitting boys

4. You never hesitate to abuse people who pull your leg for being more like a boy